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On March 6, my birthday last year, I was up in Vermont with my family. At the time my son was working for a big biotech firm. About five days earlier, that firm had had a meeting of all of their big players in big hotel meeting room in Boston. It seemed that some of them got sick. But they didn’t want anyone to panic, so they kept it quiet for a few days.

Meanwhile, all of my family gathered for my birthday. We had a short discussion about how much risk was involved in our being together due to…

More Fun with More People

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I led my class yesterday. It worked out well. It’s an interesting and interested group of ten people. Everyone seemed to be very involved expcept for the older couple who just sit and watch from their little Zoom square, and then applaud at the end.

We discussed how one of the basic tasks of life of almost very living thing on Earth is to reproduce. There was a book by Carl Zimmer, called Life’s Edge on the front of the NYT Book Review, In it, he explains how there is DNA in every living thing that gives instructions about how…

The “old normal” had all of these problems. But some basic things have changed. The US, and the world, is going through a difficult period of readjustment. Whether we are in Revolution 4.0, or moving to 5.0 doesn’t matter. Technology has changed everything. It has led to a forced changed in lifestyle for everyone. It has also led to migration and the destruction of the climate.

But there has always been a dominant class and an exploited class. For millennia, the idea of ‘equality” applied only to white men of property. This goes all the way back to Aristotle. …

Fun, Easy, Little risk

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Barbie and Ken got married in 2045. They were both almost thirty. Barbie worked part time at a purifying lab, where she helped keep the recirculating water free of anything harmful. Ken worked part-time for an asteroid mining company, helping guide the rare-earth minerals back to Earth. Everyone worked part-time, so that everyone could have a job and be paid a living wage.

In 2049, after four years of marriage, and after long discussions with their community quality of life study groups, they decided they would like to have a baby. Barbie had already harvested a dozen of her eggs…

To me, religion was used as a necessary form of crowd control for millennia. It was a way of attempting to bring some ethics, morals and consistency into a culture. But, like everything else, it quickly developed a power structure that used its power to stay in power. This is true for almost every religion, except perhaps Buddhism, but even they have had some overzealous gurus.

The more orthodox of all of these religions subjugate women. All the rules and laws were written by men. They favor men, and that remains the driving purpose of the religion. That is why I have so many doubts about the “conservative” members of the Supreme Court, especially the newest member, who seems to be a woman who agrees with her church about such matters.

People see what they want to see, we know that. But what motivates people to still see Trump as a leader. Greed and racism are the first two things. There is also a fear of the future, and a yearning for a past that never was. Resentment, along with vengeance, is what he keeps selling.

None of these can result in anything positive. Yet, it has become clear that Trump, and most of his devoted followers are willing to take down the Republican Party, and the entire country, rather than open their eyes. Even Jim Jones didn’t keep billing his follower’s credit cards.

Another in an unnumbered series


Life is gettin busy, which is a good thing, but I’m finding it a bit confusing. I am trying, as this blog says, to choose my future, and I find I am faced with many choices. That is also good. The choices, while interesting, are of overwhelmingly small significance. But, as long as I find them mostly interesting, then it’s good. What makes it better is that as I move slowly into the later stages of middle age, I am finding that many more things amaze and amuse me. Whether I can do anything about them or not still bothers…

Even since the men returned from WW II America has based its life and lifestyle around an ever expanding economy, encouraging people to buy and buy, and making wealth, or the appearance of wealth, the standard by which success was judged.

Ever since 1980, the government began to shred the safety net of unemployment benefits and welfare. All the while the cost of college and health insurance kept increasing. Wages for the top jobs continued to increase significantly, but the pay from everything below that stagnated or even decreased.

All I can advise is for folks to try their best…


I’m not very religious, but some things about this struggle with the filibuster seem biblical.

President Joe Biden calls Senator Joe Manchin and tells him he is going to destroy the filibuster, or else he will unleash a bolt of Reconciliation on the Senate in order to get his infrastructure bill passed.

“Wait,” replies Joe Manchin. “We are living in evil times, but there is still hope. If I can find ten good Republicans, will you spare the Senate your wrath, and not destroy all our rules.”

President Joe says to Senator Joe, “Hey, look good buddy, where have you…

You are correct that at present, the system is unwieldy, corrupted, and slanted so it can be controlled by a minority, especially if that’ party’s agenda is to stop the government from functioning.

Some of your ideas would be fantastic in creating a responsive government. But, really, who has the time to pay so much attention, keep up on all the issues, get the right information, express themselves coherently, and negotiate workable solutions?

You would have a government run by retired people, rich people, people paid to pay attention, and fanatics.

I think a lot of what is really happening…


I have been mumbling almost incoherently in response to life's problems for a long, long time. Contact me at

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