First -- I'm sorry. It didn't expect to get so carried away, but you pushed one of my buttons.

I certainly agree with you that social media of all kinds has distorted any attempt at gaining unbiased information. It has magnified the divisions that have always been in our country, but they were never so extreme or hostile.

Voices on social media, and on cable TV also, have learned that they will only get to be heard if they scream “emergency” louder and longer than anyone who is looking for a balanced view.

However, one thing you don’t seem to have considered is that some social media and traditional media sites feel that attempting to tell the truth, is important. M. T. Greene, Trump, and some of the others who were banned from Twitter, Facebook, and other sites, were not banned for lying. Free speech makes lying permissible. However, they were banned for telling dangerous, harmful lies.

The biggest examples of that are the lies that are told for political reasons which end up killing the people who believe them. The virus that has ravaged this country for two years is real. The vaccines work to prevent serious diseases and keep people out of the hospital. People who are not vaccinated are 85% of the people in the ICUs. When MT Greene tells people not to take the vaccine she is exposing them, and ME to danger.

The other big example of course is that Trump lost the election. He knows it and he doesn’t like it. He is willing to destroy our democratic government to remain in power. He and many of his henchmen devised an elaborate, illegal scheme to sabotage the processes and have him declared the winner.

Recently, many of the Proud Boys were arrested for the crime of sedition. That means they were conspiring to overthrow the election. The Proud Boys were coordinating with Roger Stone. They were guarding him on January 6. Roger Stone, Steve Bannon, Mark Meadows, and several others were in communication with Trump for weeks before January 6. It is becoming clearer that the scope of this sedition is huge.

I don’t know if your news sources are telling you any of this. People like Tucker Carlson are punishing anyone who dares tell the truth for ten minutes. He certainly publicly humiliated Ted Cruz for telling the truth.

Trump’s lie, that he won the election, was more than just another of Trump’s lies, it proved to be very dangerous for his followers, for the country, and the world. There are many people who still believe that he was cheated, even though he tried to argue 61 cases in court and lost all but one. The lawyers who argued those cases are losing their law licenses for filing baseless claims. Some of them are being sued for $2 Billion. So is Fox News.

Most of the right-wing social media platforms continue to spread those lies. The government is not stopping them. Those sites do not allow anyone to contradict them. I know many people who attempted to discuss January 6 on these sites and they were thrown off when they asked a few reasonable questions.

From reading your stuff I am impressed by how you are attempting to determine what is real and what would be helpful. All I suggest is that you venture out and look at other news sources. I would suggest someplace such as AllSides.com that gives three reports on many issues, one from the left, right, and center, so you can compare who is telling which parts of the story.




I have been mumbling almost incoherently in response to life's problems for a long, long time. Contact me at djbermont@gmail.com

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I have been mumbling almost incoherently in response to life's problems for a long, long time. Contact me at djbermont@gmail.com

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