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On March 6, my birthday last year, I was up in Vermont with my family. At the time my son was working for a big biotech firm. About five days earlier, that firm had had a meeting of all of their big players in big hotel meeting room in Boston. It seemed that some of them got sick. But they didn’t want anyone to panic, so they kept it quiet for a few days.

Meanwhile, all of my family gathered for my birthday. We had a short discussion about how much risk was involved in our being together due to…

One habit the wealthy have is that their bills are all paid automatically. They don’t have to think about them.

They don't have to worry the end of the month to see if they have enough money left from their $12 an hour jobs to pay the rent, food, clothes for the kids, the phone and internet they need to stay a part of today's world, car payments, or bus pass, and a student loan from trying to follow their passion.

All of that takes a lot of planning, causes a lot of anxiety, which eats up enthusiasm, and is exhausting. It’s difficult to feel you can do anything, especially if you have kids.

Sadly, so much depends upon where you live and who you are. The president of the US announced yesterday that teachers should be put on the top of the list to get vaccinated. In my state,MA, after a long, foolish delay, that began today. All kids might be back in school by early April. I don’t know what the governor of Texas is doing, but he never completely closed schools, he didn’t mind getting people sick, and many died.

If you live in Ukraine or Nigeria, it might be a while. Russia is giving out its vaccine. I think China is too. Will Biden give the J and J vaccine to Mexico? Their president asked him for it.

Biden seems to be very aware that Obama made the mistake of assuming that if he did good things people would appreciate them. Already, Biden has been to a vaccine production center, wearing his mask, and talking a lot about getting the vaccine delivered.

At least here in Boston, the ever so slow to respond Republican Governor Baker, finally decided, due to Biden, that the teachers will be vaccinated next. That was on the top of the paper.

But, in general, doing something necessary, something that was promised, something that everyone thinks should have been done two months ago, is not as exciting or attention grabbing as being an asshole.

You are absolutely correct. Biden should train his digital media people to constantly extol his accomplishments, big and small. He is doing what America wants. His name should be on the checks.

You just don't understand what "freedom" means in Texas. The "freedom" to get the people who work for you sick, and possibly die is almost as important as the freedom to carry a gun to work.

-- If someone coughs on you, does that mean your life is being threatened, so you can stand your ground and shoot him?

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It’s enough all ready, but there is little to be done. Last week, I was down by the water and the sun was out. I was skipped along the beach and absorbing as much natural vitamin D as I could. In contrast to that, all last night the wind howled like a banshee. I woke up today and the temperature was 9 degrees F, with a wind of 25 mph and gusts twice that strong. I don’t want that. …

To me, Trump seems like Caesar was on March 2. He surrounded by a group of supporters who are waiting to stab him in the back, or like Brutus, in front of his eyes. They know he is crazy, untrustworthy and only out for vengeance. But he still has the charisma and the cult following. They don’t. They are waiting for the prosecutors to take his money and maybe put him in jail. Then they will fight over the body.

To say that McConnell and his crowd had reasons to slow down the Obama judicial nominations is turning a blind eye to reality. McConnell made it very clear from the beginning that his job was to obstruct everything Obama attempted to do. He didn’t show reasons to reject the judges, he wanted to keep the seats open. Reid finally took the risk of ending the filibuster on judges, but not the Supreme Court. Then McConnell did his famous coup de grace and wouldn’t even have a hearing for Obama’s Supreme Court nominee for nine months. …

They don't seem to pay attention to color. Are kids Spud and Yam different colors?

We are living in a time of difficult transition. Eventually, those of us who survive, will be better for it.

Hi, I’ve followed you to over here now.

Thanks for continuing the conversation. I am pleased that you are seeking the truth, but you seem to select your facts very carefully. About half of them are not facts, but opinions about what how to react to the last president. The other half are examples of how some Democrats have strongly expressed their displeasure over the last five years. The Dems certainly have many colorful characters, but I would say none are nearly as harmful as Cruz, Hawley, and most of the others who voted against certifying the election.

I don’t…


I have been mumbling almost incoherently in response to life's problems for a long, long time. Contact me at

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