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On March 6, my birthday last year, I was up in Vermont with my family. At the time my son was working for a big biotech firm. About five days earlier, that firm had had a meeting of all of their big players in big hotel meeting room in Boston. It seemed that some of them got sick. But they didn’t want anyone to panic, so they kept it quiet for a few days.

Meanwhile, all of my family gathered for my birthday. We had a short discussion about how much risk was involved in our being together due to…

And it was her birthday, too

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I hope everyone was able to enjoy, or at least survive, Mother’s Day. My wife was reading me the postings on some social media sites in which adult children lavish exuberant praise upon their long-standing sources of unconditional love. Her children don’t do those things on social media. I also know from having spent years in my profession, that many of you have differnt feelings and memories about your mothers, the kind that are not often written on the thousands of professional greeting cards that were made for this day. Everything is complex.

Today was a BIG day at our…

What troubles me the most is that after centuries of oppression, exploitation and abuse, those who control most of the money and power still manage to convince the people they oppress and exploit to battle with, oppose, and destroy each other. They manage to get those who have the least, to fight each other for scraps: scraps of food, money, and the worst jobs, but mostly for a shred of respect.

Usually, fighting for the smallest bit of status means stepping on the heads of those who have already been pushed into the mud.

The kid who threw the hitch, the waitresses at the cafe, they are suffering almost as much as the people they scorn. They are ruining their own chances of a living in a better lives in a better world.

Can we survive the death of the nation-state?

That was your opening question. The answer depends upon who you include in your "we."

There have been many diruptions in the past: plaugues, wars, famines, more wars, colonialism, and slavery. Some people always survive and thrive, many people don't. Many of the people who do, don't care about those who don't.

We are not in a slow decline now, we are in rapid, thrity year drop. I feel that in the next two to four years, we will know if the US has caught hold of the last branch and pulled itself out, or if we will become the next Poland, then Russia, and then India.

So many good and amzing things have happened due to our world-changing technologies. You would probably never have found each ohter without it.

Yet, there is now so much misinfomation, so many distortions and magnified anger.

The treasnition to the world we have created has been difficult.

But it’s better than not being here at all

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Stand up straight, DJ, Keep your chin behind your shoulders. Don’t start slouching and shuffling, that will put you three steps closer to the grave. I’m relieved to not have a FitBit or any such device tracking my steps, my climbing, my speed, my sleep, my energy, and so much more. I don’t want to be constantly measured and monitored. I don’t want to live my life as a video game character.

Today, my wife and I are going to visit a friend who is in physical rehab. He is getting physical therapy to learn how to get out of…

It is very clear who won the “War on Terror.” Talk about getting his money’s worth. One day of total audacity: a plot to blow-up American Capitalism and the American Government. Bin Laden sent in the pilots who didn’t know how to land the planes. He attacked a US who had let its guard down during a time of vote counting and recounting, so that no one was listening to the intelligence reports.

Now, twenty years later, how many trillions of dollars have been spent that have accomplished little or nothing? How many lives lost? Lives of Americans, of NATO…

He already did, but the FBI isn’t so sure

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Rumor, and some news stations, are saying that all that stuff about Hunter Biden, his computer porn, his taking bribes, and running a Ukrainian scam; everything that Rudy was revealing on Fox TV? None of it was true. Rudy got all that information from a bunch of Russian and Ukrainian oil and gas oligarchs. They made it up.

Some people, people in the FBI, are looking into how and why Rudy got Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch fired. Was he was protecting US interests, or did he do it to help those very same oligarchs, and at the same time, help his…

True, if you state it that way.

But really, most American liberals would say their mantra is closer to we all have to EACH OTHER. That means it isn't all about giving it away; it's also about getting back.

Every human is an individual. We all have survive as individuals. But now our world has become very complex. All of our lives are interwoven and overlap. Almost everything I do, affects you, by some degree of separation.

This world works better if we coordinate, cooperate and negotiate. Just "helping others" is condescending and ineffective.

Yes, right now Warren and the Progressives have influence, mostly because what they are seeking is obvious. Most of what they are trying to get passed is 35 years overdue.

The question is, will it carry over to 2022. They are fighting big lies, big money, and voter suppression.

The Dems could lose both the House and the Senate, or they could increase their numbers in each chamber. It depends upon how well they sell their program. They also have to keep slamming the Republicans for the insurrection, lies, corruption, and being connected to Russia.

Attack! Be aggressive!


I have been mumbling almost incoherently in response to life's problems for a long, long time. Contact me at

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