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On March 6, my birthday last year, I was up in Vermont with my family. At the time my son was working for a big biotech firm. About five days earlier, that firm had had a meeting of all of their big players in big hotel meeting room in Boston. It seemed that some of them got sick. But they didn’t want anyone to panic, so they kept it quiet for a few days.

Meanwhile, all of my family gathered for my birthday. We had a short discussion about how much risk was involved in our being together due to…

This is exactly what the GA, TX, and AZ laws are meant to do. They are designed to get rid of the bipartisan, independent, election committees that monitor the pols and the count in each district, and replace them with people appointed by the Republican Legislature. They are written this way because Trump got angry with a couple of counties in GA that would not “find him a few thousand votes.” Now, they will have people who will do that. …

Greed and racism no longer attract enough voters to keep many of the Republicans in office. That hasn’t stop them from pushing harder on those two policies that are so basic to their ideology. Now, of course, they are adding more voter suppression methods to eliminate fair elections. They tried to stop the count in order to overthrow the election and push it to the Supreme Court where Trump thought his appointees “owed it to him.” Could still happen.

As people have already noted, McCarthy is a spineless, immoral, wimp, who needs to kiss the ass for a lunatic to hold on to power. Leadership?

The Feds call it “ illegally influencing the foreign policy positions of a presidential candidate.” I call it bribery.

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Thomas Barrack is one of Donald Trump’s leading fund-raisers. He also helped organize and raise money for Trump’s inauguration festivities. A lot of that money has disappeared, unaccounted for.

The FBI has charged that Mr. Barrack was paid handsomely, and raised a lot of money for Trump from foreign powers. As described on Twitter by Mark Mazetti of the New York Times: “One of the mysteries of Trump’s first six months was why the administration came out of the gate so hot for Saudi and UAE — with Trump traveling to Saudi Arabia and then going along with the Qatar…

The other major factor is that the Republicans don't even want to hold hearings about January 6.

Yes, the DOJ shoud be arresting about ten members of Congress along with the former presdient, his son, his lawyers, his AG, the Postmaster, and the people he appointed at the last hour to the Pentagon, the ones who didn't call out the National Guard.

Sedition! All of them!

There is a huge gap between Archie Bunker and Mother Teresa. We can't solve everyone's problems but, if we have the stamina and resoruces, we should help more than just ourselves.

The women in Afghanistan are now in grave danger of losing their rights.

Yes, The powers of the world should do something to stop it.

As you said, the way the Uyghur are being treated in China is terrible and inhumane.

It reminds of me the Rohingya fleeing from Burma, who are now coming into conflict with the people feeling Myanmar.

or what happen in Tibet

or to the Tamil Tigers.

or the fights between the Hutus and the Tutsis

or what’s happening in Ethiopia and Eritrea

or the dissenters in Belarus, or in Russia

or the Muslims in India

the Palestinians

and even the Jews

and Black people who want vote in the American South

I’m sure I”m leaving out many other oppressed, exploited and imperiled groups all over the world.

We all ought to be doing something about that.

The giraffes, rhinos and elephants too.

The problem isn't Trump, especially now that fewer people are listening to him. Even the evangelicals, who still worship him, are ready to move on.

The problem is that there were no checks on having a lunatic as president. The Republicans loved the noise and distractions. They have learned how to keep Trumpism going, without Trump. 35% of the electorate is with them. They are trying to stop another 20% from being able to vote.

I am afraid you are missing the point of the discussion.

We liberals, and I am as liberal as anyone you will meet, do not see all white men as evil. Hey, I am a white man myself. The point of these discussions is to reveal the roots and results of systemic racism.

There are many aspects of American history in which the country encouraged white men to subjugate and exploit other minorities. It was accepted, and laws were past to make it legal. Slavery, of course, is the clearest example, but there were laws preventing Chinese from becoming citizens…

Why is that a political question?

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In several states, all of them run by Republicans, the rate of vaccination is half of what it is in the states run by Democratic governors and legislatures. Due to that, the rate of new infections, hospitalizations, and deaths is rising rapidly in those states. Recently, the governor and legislature in Tennessee took the step of firing the people trying to run the vaccination programs. Now, they don’t want to help anyone get vaccinated for anything. They are the first political party to come out in favor of the measles.

I can understand why so many Republicans are still supporting…


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