Direction for the Democrats.

I am not a party big-wig. I am just a member of one city’s Democratic party. I am very worried about the future of the world, America and my party.

I just read, right here on the Internet, that there are already about twenty people who are thinking about running for the Democratic nomination for President in 2020. These people range from Joe Biden to Kamala Harris, with probably a few entertainment stars thinking “why not me.â€

There are Centerists, Liberals and Progressives. They all know things are bad. They probably all have some kind of solutions, but so far there is no unifying idea.

I will offer this to the Democrats. We need something that all of the party can agree on, something that will make a clear distinction to the opposition, and something that everyone can understand.

Democrats are the Party that Designs and Builds the Future of America.

What this means is that the Democratic Party will build a future based on Truth, Trust and Evidence.

We recognized that there have been major changes in the world since the start of the new millennium. Those changes offer both exciting new possibilities, but also many new, complex challenges.

We will use these new technologies and new scientific knowledge to create a safe, strong, healthy, prosperous America. A country that will again be a world leader, instead of a place that is afraid of the world and of many of it’s own citizens.

We will lead in Innovation, Creation and Distribution of new ideas, new technologies, new products and a better way of living together as a society.

We will stand for real democracy, where everyone has a voice and everyone has a vote; a vote that is safe, secure, and easily exercised by everyone.

Using the advances in technology and knowledge we will be able to

— bring quality health care to everyone

— quality education to everyone

— a higher standard of living for everyone

— the return of a strong middle class

— A government that works to protect peoples lives and livelihoods

— by recognizing the dangers of climate change

( so that we can protect and even avoid the damage of dangerous storms, draughts, pollution, toxins, and environmental devastation.

— by enforcing equal protection under law

— by ensuring domestic tranquility

— by providing a safe secure infrastructure, including cyber-security and available Internet to everyone

— by protecting those in need from harm, homelessness and hunger.

— by implementing policies that encourage a growing economy that benefits everyone as equally.

* * * * * * *

We offer this in contrast to the opposition, which promotes policies and myths from the past.

These include

— an energy policy based on fossil fuel

— a jingoistic and xenophobic view of the world

— racism and segregation in schools, housing and jobs

— Anti-intellectualism, anti-science, blind faith

— a foreign policy based on military strategies, including nuclear war

— isolationism

— the subjugation of women

— fear of differences and of progress

— tax breaks for the rich

—policies that leave many in poverty and without health care

— no protections for consumers or workers

We will put forth candidates who are open honest and trustworthy. They will also have knowledge of how the world really works now, including technology, the new demographics of America, new and evolving social mores, the real difficulties underlying income inequality, job creation, and the spread of false information, scams and scare tactics.

Let’s do this Democrats!

We not only have to Dump Trump and all of his enablers, we have to be the

Party for the Future!

(Get your Head out of your Past)

I have been mumbling almost incoherently in response to life's problems for a long, long time. Contact me at

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