Hi, I’ve followed you to over here now.

Thanks for continuing the conversation. I am pleased that you are seeking the truth, but you seem to select your facts very carefully. About half of them are not facts, but opinions about what how to react to the last president. The other half are examples of how some Democrats have strongly expressed their displeasure over the last five years. The Dems certainly have many colorful characters, but I would say none are nearly as harmful as Cruz, Hawley, and most of the others who voted against certifying the election.

I don’t want to go down your entire list, but two quick ones — Trump got 95% negative coverage because 87% of the things he did, said and acted were either lies, distortions, cruel, harmful, and demonstrated his total inability to govern. The man was, and is, a sick cookie who would love to run our country the way Putin runs his, but he doesn’t have the brains or the skills.

Yes, the Dems protested after his election, but Hillary, the she-devil, conceded after the votes were counted, and the transition of power took place. The protests involved women wearing pink hats, who began getting organized to win the next election — which they did legally and successfully. They did not run around with weapons, threading to overthrow the state of local governments.

What is relevant now, is that President Biden is not a crazy, radical socialist, but he is trying to change the tone of the government and the country so that we can all live together in peace, harmony and prosperity.

To many, his calls for getting people vaccinated, getting schools to be safe and reopening, calling for racial and social justice, developing a humane immigration policy, helping the poor and middle class to get reestablished after the debacle of the last administration, may seem radical, but that is due to too many people getting sucked in by the anger, grievances, racism, sexism and paranoia of Rush Limbaugh and others who have spewed out divisive rhetoric for decades.

If you feel it is too radical to try to deal with systemic racism, uncontrolled, corrupt hyper-capitalism, and the extreme wealth disparity in the country, then our future as a functioning nation with a prosperous economy is in great jeopardy.

We are living in the 21st Century. The way the world works is changing rapidly every day. The lives of all of us are much more overlapping and tightly intertwined than they were even twenty years ago. We need to adapt to what is really happening. There are many difficult challenges facing us. We need to learn to cooperate, negotiate and communicate if we are going to deal with those challenges. It would help if we could agree upon what is real.

Of course, I can forgive the errors in your thinking, as you are younger than I am, and perhaps can benefit from more experience.

Take care. I hope you get vaccinated.


I have been mumbling almost incoherently in response to life's problems for a long, long time. Contact me at djbermont@gmail.com

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