I'm glad you highlighted a few of Trump's failures. You didn't mention then hundreds of law suits filed agasint him that he dragged through courts and then paid large fines. Trump University? $25 M in fines. Trump charity? Used the money illegally, had to close the charity.

Trump's taxes are being investigated. It seems he kept not two, but three sets of book and swindled the governemnt, also laundered money. He could go to jail for that.

He actaully did attempt to extort the President of Ukraine. That's a crime. But the Republicans covered for him.

And then there the fact that he knew he lost the election, but instead he has been attempting to undermine all American elections going forward.

He also incited an attempt to "kill the Biden presidency in it's crib" by seding his follwers into the Capitol while they Congress was counting the votes.

Trump a true patriot, or a corrupt authoritarian lunatic?

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