It is very clear who won the “War on Terror.” Talk about getting his money’s worth. One day of total audacity: a plot to blow-up American Capitalism and the American Government. Bin Laden sent in the pilots who didn’t know how to land the planes. He attacked a US who had let its guard down during a time of vote counting and recounting, so that no one was listening to the intelligence reports.

Now, twenty years later, how many trillions of dollars have been spent that have accomplished little or nothing? How many lives lost? Lives of Americans, of NATO, of Iraqies, of the people in Afghanistan? How many hours of delays in airports? How many politicians ran on fear — fear of outsiders, fear of Muslims? How many millions spent on investigations that went nowhere? How many laws passed that give our government power to watch our every move and monitor our connections?

The only person who may have gotten more of a bang for his buck would be Putin. He must have been thrilled and amazed when Trump won.

Now, due to the two of them, America is struggling to survive as a viable society.

I have been mumbling almost incoherently in response to life's problems for a long, long time. Contact me at

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