It’s always good to receive an insight into the complexities of humanity. We are all a product of the blending of our genetics, family, community, and random events. Of course, no one is “better” than anyone else. We are all united by our insignificance.

What you fail to emphasize, although you tried to do so a bit at the end, is how so many “good people” are being lied to and manipulated by terrible politicians and media. Legs is a victim of the recent expansion of the ugliest part of American culture. He is being used and abused by those who want to keep their short-term profits while destroying the future for the rest of us.

I am sure he is kind-hearted and a fascinating guy, but he is harming the lives of my grandchildren. The question remains, who do we reach people like him before the world goes over the cliff again, like it did 100 years ago?

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