Mike: It is a relief to see something like this in print, especially on a site with so many “motivational” messages. I have been a psychotherapist for forty years, most of it working in a very diverse city, full of the entire range of people. I have seen many people who were born with every advantage, and some who had about a .001% chance of any kind of success. If you born with addicted, violent, parents, who smack your skull six times before you’re two, that’s not a great start toward entrepreneurship.

As I have said before, poverty and racism cause many more mental health problems than brain chemistry or a “chemical imbalance.”

Having the good fortune to have good parents, a stable home, an enriched environment, a few connections to other successful people, and a good support system are much more important than “ talent” or “intelligence.”

It really bothers me when anyone feels they are better, smarter or worth more than anyone else, when really, they were mostly, just more fortunate.

Yes, people can influence their own lives, but that influence is much more limited than most people realize.

I have been mumbling almost incoherently in response to life's problems for a long, long time. Contact me at djbermont@gmail.com

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