The hardcore Trumpers, the election deniers, lost most of their elections. Still we have all the crazies in the House and Senate who were there before. Many of these people want to get rid of Trump so they can grab more power for themselves. There are a few “old style” Republicans who think it might be their turn again, but they have about 8% of the party and 4% of the electorate.

DeSantis, Pompeo, Pence, Cruz, and several others are hoping Trump gets arrested. But they are not about to restore honesty, civility, or justice. They are going to fight for the big money and the bigots that Trump leaves behind. They are just as cruel and short-sighted as he is.

The problem isn’t Trump. He was clever enough to see it and take advantage of it — with Murdoch and Putin’s help. Now, will see if any of those with their knives out can win over the cult. These seem like mere mortals.



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