The women in Afghanistan are now in grave danger of losing their rights.

Yes, The powers of the world should do something to stop it.

As you said, the way the Uyghur are being treated in China is terrible and inhumane.

It reminds of me the Rohingya fleeing from Burma, who are now coming into conflict with the people feeling Myanmar.

or what happen in Tibet

or to the Tamil Tigers.

or the fights between the Hutus and the Tutsis

or what’s happening in Ethiopia and Eritrea

or the dissenters in Belarus, or in Russia

or the Muslims in India

the Palestinians

and even the Jews

and Black people who want vote in the American South

I’m sure I”m leaving out many other oppressed, exploited and imperiled groups all over the world.

We all ought to be doing something about that.

The giraffes, rhinos and elephants too.