These people are not “elite” due only to their education, they are members of the US Senate. I don’t think there is anyone currently in the US Senate who has a net worth under $5Million. In the House, there may be 10 people, if that, who can’t afford to buy a home in DC.

We do not have a representative government. It takes millions to run for a House seat, and ten times that to run for the Senate. Biden started his life in the lower middle class and he seems to remember, but most of the other members have lost touch with what it’s like to work for Amazon or Walmart, or what it’s like to have to pay for life-saving medicines for chronic illness — many of which were caused by working for Amazon or Walmart.

I can’t think of any Republican Senator, and many Democrats, who has not been completely bought off by the people in oil, drugs, big agriculture, and guns. None of what they support is helpful to 80% of the country, in fact it is harmful and often lethal.



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