This may be accurate, but it is the saddest thing you have ever written. Still, I see evidence of what you say around me as there are so many exhausted, stressed, and impatient parents.

But having kids is really our basic biological destiny. What other species decides not to have children? Salmon get born, swim out to the ocean, get fat for a few years, swim back, give birth, and then die.

Having children, raising them, helping to guide them while learning from them is the most rewarding thing anyone can do in their lives. Sure, it takes time, attention, some delay in your own personal gratification, but really, what better things to you have to do?

How has everyone’s priorities become so messed-up?

We need the wisdom of the late John Prine: (updated)

"Blow up your computer, throw away your cell-phone

Go to the country, build you a home

Plant a little garden, eat a lot of peaches

Try an find Jesus on your own"

I have been mumbling almost incoherently in response to life's problems for a long, long time. Contact me at

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