Yes, but now all of the evidence points to the conclusion that a belief in God is counterproductive. It leads to more disputes, divisions, and conflicts, and the selection of who gets into heaven seems random, at best.

I’m afraid I am also coming to that conclusion with your ideas about building a government from the roots up. Have you ever been on a condo board? I have been on two. It is the closest you can get to local control of the rules regarding how people live together. The board, is supposed to reach a consensus about how to plan for the short-term and long. It doesn’t happen easily. Some people want to plan, save, and maintain. Some people want to pay as you go. Some don’t want to pay much for anything. Others want to spend more and make the place beautiful. Once the board decides they inform the members, some of whom are upset. Most of the members don’t care until they see whatever changes and they wonder who decided on that.

Does it work? Sometimes. The bigger places turn it over to a management company for most of the decisions. Some management companies are better than others. The board supervises, but most of the board doesn’t know what they are talking about. It often comes down to whoever acts the fastest, speaks the loudest, and has an agenda.

It’s representative democracy in its purest form. Most people don’t want to be on the board.



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