You are correct that at present, the system is unwieldy, corrupted, and slanted so it can be controlled by a minority, especially if that’ party’s agenda is to stop the government from functioning.

Some of your ideas would be fantastic in creating a responsive government. But, really, who has the time to pay so much attention, keep up on all the issues, get the right information, express themselves coherently, and negotiate workable solutions?

You would have a government run by retired people, rich people, people paid to pay attention, and fanatics.

I think a lot of what is really happening now is what we need. Many more people are becoming very aware how corrupt the system is. There is a bill in Congress that the Republicans won’t pass. More people are paying attention, which is why one party is trying to corrupt the electoral process. We have to keep the pressure on: learn the truth, educate, speak-up, organize, register, and vote. Get the right people to run.

Beyond HR-1, we need term limits, we need limits on campaign spending as well as the length of campaigns. We need people to elect representatives who are not ideologues, who understand how important it is to investigate, and then negotiate.

I have been mumbling almost incoherently in response to life's problems for a long, long time. Contact me at

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