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On March 6, my birthday last year, I was up in Vermont with my family. At the time my son was working for a big biotech firm. About five days earlier, that firm had had a meeting of all of their big players in big hotel meeting room in Boston. It seemed that some of them got sick. But they didn’t want anyone to panic, so they kept it quiet for a few days.

Meanwhile, all of my family gathered for my birthday. We had a short discussion about how much risk was involved in our being together due to…

I wonder if the gunman who killed the cashier who asked him to wear a mask in Deklab GA, got his gun from Clyde.

Another satisfied customer, just doing what the president told him to.

Do laws matter anymore?

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Since Joe Biden became president he has been attempting to restore a high degree of honesty and transparency to the US government. Because of that, more files, memos, reports, and other kinds of information about what went on during the previous administration have been released to the public.

What many of us have learned is that almost all of the things we feared and suspected might have been going on were actually happening. Many of these things were blatantly illegal or unconstitutional.

We learned that Trump, Rosenstein, Barr, and many others obstructed justice at least a dozen times. They shut…

My time line is not 20 years, but waiting until Thanksgiving. I am again hoping, and again I might be disappointed, that by then there will be clear indications that justice will be served. Trump will be indicted for fraud in NY, and perhpas for more.

My big question is how far will the Justice Department push its investigation of January 6. AG Garland has made it clear that he feels that crime was worse than th OKC bombing. Will there finally be real consequences for the lies, the violence, and all of the cover-ups?

Also: The JD has a few new Cracker-Jack civil rights lawyers who are examining the new voter suppression laws. They are obviously targeted to stop Black votes. Will that matter?

A Report on the Disloyal Opposition

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A while ago I asked the question, “What are we Gonna Do? Then I went around trying to make contact with the other side. People told me it was a fool’s errand. They told me that I would be met with lies and vitriol. I knew that I disagreed with many of the folks in the disloyal opposition about the definition of words such as “freedom.” We also disagreed about what is real, about history, and everything from the dangers of the virus to the color of the sky. …

True, but a minor point. He still believed that a certain small group of humans, the group he was a part of, were better equipped to run the world that all of the other humans, including all the women.

But they were fine with gay sex!

These were the people who did the most publicly, who were the voices and faces of authoritarianism, corruption, and discrimination.

There are still many who fund the media and the messaging. The Mercers, DeVoses, Theils, and the dozens of billionaires who remain hidden and nameless, and yet they continue to work to make sure that their money stays more important than the functioning of the country and the livss of 98% of its citizens.

As you say, this is diffuct, and it is difficult because it has never been done before. There never has been a society in which everyone has been treated equally.

I think about 53% of Americans want it to ha[[en here, but no one knows how to make it happen.

It's a struggle.

At a time when new technologies are creating quantum computers that can store everything you ever did, wrote, thought, and bought on a photon of light. When it also has give us CRISP-R which can directly alter the DNA of every species. Or, even the GPS systems so many people have become totally dependent upon to get from here to there, which still seems likekind of an errie magic that tracks my every move.

If a person is not paying close attention, how are these things different from other magical thoughts, such as Bill Gates implanting microchips in the vaccine?

This is especially true of the growing use of A.I. which gobbles up rare elements, huge amounts of computer power, and is used mostly to seel us stuff we never knew we needed or to keep track of everything we do.


I have been mumbling almost incoherently in response to life's problems for a long, long time. Contact me at

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